Mountain Biking Blog: 10 Days Straight of Riding

That’s Right!!! Friday begins a 10 day streak of being able to ride downhill bikes every day at Mount Snow. It is also the first time riders can cruise down our introductory downhill trail from the top of the lift to the base. We also just had our first race at Mount Snow for the Eastern States Cup series. We had an excellent turnout of riders and had one of our best courses ever.

It was a beautiful day for a bike race

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Racers were eager to find their lines on the brand new race course.

A long shot of the new Pats Pitch section of the course

We also revamped some older trails to use for the race course. This section is a floaty drop that is under the lift while you ride up.

Deb raking out the first of two of the jumps on the discovery hill while Elliot piles up the dirt on the bottom.

It’s always a good trails day when we bust out the big guns!

The race was fast and had some great technical sections. I always try and get out and see the riders on course at race speed. They somehow always find lines and shortcuts that I have never even noticed. Being more of a rider than racer I’m always in amazement seeing how fast and hard the racers push themselves and their bikes. Here is a video made of the race weekend by Von Cooper:

That being said sometimes things don’t always go perfectly. During the race one of the riders went down hard before the finish. Ellie had been in the shop a few times getting her bike fixed while she practiced for the race. She was very nice with everyone in the shop, smiling, and showing her positivity for the great community that comes together on bikes. We wish the best in your recovery and hope to see you at the next race at Mount Snow. While I was on course watching the race I filmed a short section of her race run, so here’s our shout-out to you Ellie, hope you’re back in the saddle soon.

Trail 7 is Done!!!!!!!

That’s right folks; our introductory trail for Downhill Mountain biking at Mount Mnow is done from the top of lift 9 to the base area of Mount Snow. This trail has been a work in progress for over a season. As we built we opened up sections enabling the riders to show us what we need to correct and how we can build better. To say we have learned much would be an understatement. This knowledge through experience can be seen throughout our trails this season. The finished lower half has roll-able straight-aways and smile producing swooping turns that leave you craving another lap. Although this trail is targeted at the inexperienced; anyone on two wheels will have a blast.

Be sure to be on the lookout for alternate lines on the trail!

Fun and Flowing to the bottom at last

See ya in the lift line!


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