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Hi, I am Kelly! Mount Snow’s General Manager. I’ve been working at Mount Snow since 1985 and simply put, Mount Snow is my passion.

Kelly’s Blog:  Our Backyard Thumbnail

Kelly’s Blog: Our Backyard

Dec 27, 2013 |

12.27.13 I know your backyard might not have any snow, but ours does.  If you need proof, I snapped some shots when I was out today. Can't wait to see you! early, eat late an

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Kelly’s Blog: Operation White Christmas

Dec 23, 2013 |

Monday, 12/23:  Well that was an interesting week.  We skied the pow and froze our toes off at the beginning of the week  and today I stepped in a big ole' puddle and now I've got wet toes.  Not gonna rrrrrrained at Mount Snow. And the t

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Kelly’s Blog:  Holiday Tips Thumbnail

Kelly’s Blog: Holiday Tips

Dec 20, 2013 |

Happy Holidays everyone.  My daughter comes home from school tonight so I am pretty excited to have my holiday enthusiast by my side.  The men in the household make believe they don't care but would probably be disappointed if we weren't flitting a

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Kelly’s Blog:  Happy 59th Birthday Mount Snow Thumbnail

Kelly’s Blog: Happy 59th Birthday Mount Snow

Dec 12, 2013 |

Mount Snow opened for business on Dec 12, 1954.                  

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Kelly’s Blog: New Trails for the Weekend

Dec 11, 2013 |

Snowmaking temps have been very good and we have picked up a few inches from Mother Nature so expect to see new trails on the roster for this weekend.  Here is the plan.  I always say "plan" because the mountain ops guys hate it when I over promise

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Kelly’s Blog:  Bubble Love Thumbnail

Kelly’s Blog: Bubble Love

Dec 11, 2013 |

Yesterday was the 2nd birthday of  the Bluebird Express, our beloved 6-pack bubble chair.  Little did we know when we purchased her how much we would grow to love her.  We knew she would be much faster, and the bubble would keep the elements out.

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Kelly’s Blog:  Let it Snow Thumbnail

Kelly’s Blog: Let it Snow

Dec 6, 2013 |

I am pretty pleased with the 7-day forecast.  It is not picture perfect but there is a lot to work with.  We've placed our office pools and will find out who the winner is when we wake up tomorrow.  Snow is in the forecast overnight and most are s

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