Trail Report

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Updated: Friday, August 1 @ 9:14 a.m.

Can you believe it’s already August? Or is it only August? Lots of biking left to do!

The Canyon Express lift will be spinning from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. today and the weather should be pretty nice for riding today – there is a chance of afternoon thundershowers so keep an eye on the weather…Thunderstorms necessitate closing the lifts for a bit.

We received some rain yesterday afternoon so expect some wet & muddy spots, but also some nice tacky dirt on drier sections of trail. For today, Trails 1, 2, & 5 – 11 will be open with a small closure on trail 6, from the intersection with Trail 8 until the intersection of Trail 11.

The Eastern States Cup downhill race this weekend will be held Saturday and Sunday. Head to the event page for more information.

Stop into Mount Snow Sports at the Grand for all of your on-hill needs including lift tickets, trail maps, bike/armor rentals and more! If it’s your first time, we encourage you to check out our First Lift and First Drop lesson programs available through Mount Snow Sports. If you’re an experienced rider and want to work on some skills or simply want to learn the trails, we also offer guided tours and demo bikes. Click the link below for details!

Please call Mount Snow Sports at (802) 464-6640 for any questions or visit us online here.

J. Knox

Last updated: 08/01/2014

Trail Number
Trail 1 2.5 mi Base loop graded with up and downhill pitch.
Introductory trail for family hiking and biking.
Trail 2 1.0 mi Work road climb. Advanced singletrack descent.
Trail 3 2.3 mi Technical XC race loop with work road climb.
Trail 5 .75 mi Technical ski trail descent.
Trail 6 .75 mi Fast singletrack descent.
Trail 7 2.5 mi Introductory downhill trail.
Trail 8 1.0 mi Expert level fast singletrack descent.
Trail 9 .75 mi High speed freeride trail.
Trail 10 1.3 mi Freeride trail with wooden and dirt features.
Trail 11 1.0 mi Expert race trail.