Trail Report

Always check back here before coming for the most up-to-date info on trails and operations.

Updated: Thursday, April 17th @ 11:30am

The warm spring sun has been melting snow off the trails and Mountain Biking season is right around the corner with a tentative opening date of May 23rd

Check back soon for 2014 season info and our summer lift schedule

Last updated: 04/17/2014

Trail Number
Trail 1 2.5 mi Base loop graded with up and downhill pitch.
Introductory trail for family hiking and biking.
Trail 2 1.0 mi Work road climb. Advanced singletrack descent.
Trail 3 2.3 mi Technical XC race loop with work road climb.
Trail 4 1.0 mi Wooded single track and scenic trails.
Trail 5 .75 mi Technical ski trail descent.
Trail 6 .75 mi Fast singletrack descent.
Trail 7 2.5 mi Introductory downhill trail.
Trail 8 1.0 mi Expert level fast singletrack descent.
Trail 9 .75 mi High speed freeride trail.
Trail 10 1.3 mi Freeride trail with wooden and dirt features.