Bubble Blog: Big Project, Big Parts

It’s really hard to put into words the scale of a project like installing America’s only high speed detachable six passenger bubble chair, but I can always try! Everything about it is big: the chairs themselves weigh in at just under 1,400 pounds each, the lift towers are made of galvanized steel and are going to be installed with bolts the size of wiffle ball bats, the sheave wheels would be too big to fit an F-350 and the timber frame barn…at 65’ X 130’ and four stories high, the barn is just massive.

But I think the most impressive thing I’ve seen so far in terms of sheer size is the spool that sits in the base area right now holding half of the lift’s haul rope. That’s right, just half. The handsome gent standing next to said spool in the photo below is our Events Manager, Tim Dolan. Tim is 6’4” on a short day, former college basketball player and utterly dwarfed by this spool of thread on steroids. There’s a sticker on one end and it says the total weight of the entire thing comes to a hefty 88,917 pounds. That’s almost 45 tons. Wow. Might take a few guys to move that puppy!

Most of the sheave trains have been attached to their crossarms and work has begun to assemble those to the upper section of the two-piece lift towers. The assembly of crossarm, sheave train and upper tower section is still light enough for the helicopter to safely haul and will reduce the number of “picks” the helicopter would have to otherwise make if it was to bring each part up separately. Efficiency, ladies and gentlemen. The folks in charge of this project are wicked smaaaht!

All of the trusses have been raised and attached to the storage barn and work has begun on the roof. As you will see in the photo below, working on the barn is not a job for those folks with a fear of heights…like me.

Word is the concrete that was flown in last week to the lift tower forms is setting up well and we are on schedule (weather permitting) to fly in the towers on Wednesday, October 5. Come check out this exciting portion of the installation process! The helicopter will be making picks all day starting bright and early in the morning.

6’4” Tim Dolan next to the 88,917 pound spool of haul rope

Just over 15,000 feet long and pushing 90,000 pounds…wow.

One of the assembled crossarm/sheave train/upper tower sections

Chair storage barn with all trusses installed and work on the roof progressing

America’s only high speed detachable six passenger bubble chair will be spinning before we know it! I can’t wait!

Thinking Snow,

– Meeker

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