Bubble Blog: Concrete

The good news is that Tropical Storm Irene did not cause significant damage to our new lift installation.  The bad news is that with most roads into the Mount Snow valley closed and important work had to be put on hold as we could not get concrete or a crane into the site.  Back to the good news – The crews working on Route 9 are real heroes because they got the road open yesterday and we have a green light to get the crane in here.

If all goes well we could have the crane on site Monday and start raising the bents for our chair storage barn.   We are about 2 weeks behind on barn construction so we are hoping the rest of September is dry and we do not have another setback.

Concrete trucks will be able to access the mountain and Poma expects to fly concrete to towers on Sept 19 & 20.  They will have to drive concrete up to two tower locations at the summit but first we have to put a few parts of the work road back together, which suffered some from TS Irene.  Tentatively, the towers will be flown into place around Oct 5.  We will let you know when we have a definite and we will video for those who cannot come up and watch in person.

Our bubble chairs start arriving on Monday.  I can’t wait to see the blue bubbles!  It will take about 3 days for them all to get here.  It sounds like our haul rope is sitting in port so that will make the journey soon.  It is all coming together even though the last 2 weeks have been nail biters.

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