Bubble Blog: Delivery

We are expecting about 15 delivery trucks to arrive at Mount Snow by the beginning of next week carrying parts for the top and bottom terminals of the Bluebird Express. A few trucks have already arrived and work is currently underway to attach the grips (the mechanism that grips to the haul rope) to the hangers (the arm that connects the grip to the bubble chair).

At about 4:30 yesterday, a truck pulled into the lot containing half of one of the terminal tops…

And a bullwheel.

The next step is to attach the hanger and grip assemblies to the bubble chairs and get all 102 chairs onto the rail system in the Bird House (i.e., bubble chair storage barn).

The communication line has been strung along the tower tops from base to summit. The comm. line is what carries information from the sensors on each lift tower to the drive and also carries the phone line so that lift attendants at the top and bottom terminals can communicate.

The Bird House continues to look better and better each day. Much of the siding is up and crews are almost done putting down the tar paper and furring strips on the roof. All of this is being done to prepare for the installation of the metal roof.

We’ll continue to keep you posted! Can’t wait to see what the bubble chairs look like on the rail system inside the Bird House!

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