Bubble Blog: Blasting

Everything is moving forward according to plan. As much as I would like to see towers being flown in, that is a bit down the road. For now, we are doing all of the important earth work to prepare for the foundations and towers.

Video of the 3rd Blast from last Thursday.

More blasting in base area at the end of this week should leave us in good shape to get our site work done and prepare to pour the foundations for the bottom terminal and storage barn. If all goes well, we could start to pour next week.

Up at the summit, the “ski under” trail has been roughed in and the blasters will move up and work on a few trouble spots next week. One of the most challenging aspects of this job is the continuous dig safe work. For over 50 years we have been burying lines and pipes on this mountain and it is very important that you know exactly where everything is before you put a shovel in the ground.

For instance, Randy (in charge of snowmaking) is removing a section of his water line before blasting begins on the summit. And before the foundation for the top terminal is poured, everything that is buried below it will be relocated.
Poma let us know that the line towers and chair parking rails are being galvanized and will ship to us this week so we will start to see some big parts and pieces taking up residence in our parking lots.

In other lift news, our crew will begin to do some lift painting with a focus on the North Face lifts. Our trail maintenance crew also has a lot of brush back work to do, with an emphasize on the damage left from the ice storms this past winter.
The new chairs on the Grand Summit Express look great and we invite you up for a scenic chairlift ride. We are open FR – SU so you can take a ride and see all of the activity for yourself.

The best way to see the progress in the base area is a before & after shot.


Today - 7/11/2011

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