Bubble Blog: Lazy Days?

So much for those lazy days of summer. Fasten your seat belts for a whirlwind tour of activity around the mountain. Blasting in the base area is finishing up today and we will start preparing the sites for the bottom lift terminals and storage barn.

By next week we should see some concrete for the foundations. Our timber frame storage barn is also scheduled to arrive at the end of the week and our building maintenance staff will start sorting and staging the pieces.

I took a ride to the summit on Friday and snapped this picture of the new chairs on the Grand Summit Express. They are very comfy and the safety bar/foot rest is light and easy to raise and lower.

Up top there is a lot of activity. The old summit triple terminal is disassembled and waiting for its ticket to the salvage yard. The new “ski under” trail has been roughed in and snowmaking pipe has been temporarily moved to prepare for blasting. Blasting at the summit should begin on Tuesday.

I hiked down following the new lift line and kept looking back to get my last look at a view without a lift.

You can identify where the new towers will be by the stakes in the ground and it is hard to tell where some of the old towers were removed. The new lift will have 25 towers and the old summit triple had 33.

Along the hike down I bumped into a few of the cages being staged for lift tower foundations.

A little below the entrance of Pat’s Pitch I could hear the snowmakers and their chainsaws trimming back the brush from the center line. There is not a lot of cutting involved in this project but they were making sure that there is 20 ft clearance on both sides. I decided to give them plenty of room since they had chainsaws.

A little further down I found some of our winter staff, now working for Poma. They were building more cages and looking forward to moving on to concrete work next week.

Geoff (winter events), Pete and Greg (terrain park groomer) all busy bending rebar. Geoff is looking for a good pair of concrete boots if anyone has a spare!!

Deb (groomer) is telling Ian (park ranger) that it is okay to take a break and smile for the camera. But Ian plays hard to get.

Even the kids in our Outdoor Exploration Camp are working hard. They rode the Grand Summit Express and hiked down to the base just in time for lunch.

I mentioned in an earlier blog that we have a name for our new lift. If you would like to be the first to know the name, attend the Blueberry Parade (Rt 100, Dover) on Saturday July 30th. We will have a float in the parade and the name will be unveiled.

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