Bubble Blog: More Parts / Helicopters

Big ol' delivery of sheave trains arrived this week. These things are impeccably engineered. Gorgeous!

Also in the staging lot is a bunch more lumber for the barn...

...and out by the work area, more of the same.


The guys are finishing up the bents for the barn

The view from the 4th floor of the base lodge

Lastly, we have some dates scheduled* to have the helicopter come fly in concrete and lift towers.
September 6 – Concrete for about 10 tower bases are scheduled to be flown in.
September 16 – Lift Towers scheduled to be flown in.

*PLEASE NOTE – these dates are TENTATIVE and the helicopter can be bumped for any number of reasons (high winds, construction delays, etc.) – so make sure to watch the bubble blog, our facebook and twitter. We will keep you posted with more details as we get them!

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