Bubble Blog: New Chairs!

The chair assembly for the Grand Summit Express is almost finished and we think you will like the improvements. Not only the footrests but the seat covers are pretty comfy! We are still on track for a 4th of July weekend opening for foot passengers.
bubble blog - mount snow

Over at the new 6-pack lift construction, we continue to move earth and lots of it. On Monday they moved 100 truck loads to the A Lot, 1500 yards. They beat that record on Wed with 120 loads, about 1700 yds. In total we will move around 6-8,000 yards before we can prepare the site for the new lift terminal and storage barn.

In order to move all this earth, we have beefed up the heavy equipment fleet to include a couple of excavators CAT 315 (15,000 lb) and another 30,000 pounder. We are adding a CAT D6T dozer (45,000 lbs) to help out our D6N (35k lbs.) There is a constant parade of trucks to move the earth to its new home. This is done by (2) 15 yd dump trucks and (1) articulating on mountain rock truck (made 7 runs up the mountain today) to improve the work road for heavy traffic (concrete trucks) that will come later.

To check it all out, please refer to our web cam, which refreshes every 30 seconds. http://mountsnow.com/live-cams/ (note, the summit cam will be back up as soon as possible). Behind the scenes there’s a lot of planning and prep work. As we wait on our final permits, we are securing all of the materials to build our massive storage barn. Everything from barn doors to paint is on our “to do” list. We plan to start the foundation work in July and erect the barn in August.

Some of you have asked whether we would hold a contest to name the new lift. Sorry, we beat you to it! We have the perfect name but we are not ready to share it, just yet. Go ahead; take a Rumpelstiltskin shot at it!

Here are some photos courtesy of Dave Moulton:

bubble blog - mount snow

Bolt cages for the 6-pack – these will be cast in concrete to secure the tower

bubble blog - mount snow

Getting a crane to the summit takes patience and a mid-mountain pow wow.

bubble blog - mount snow

BEFORE – looking south from clocktower to the bottom terminal of the Summit Triple.

bubble blog - mount snow

AFTER – today you can see the terminal and island of trees are gone and significant site work is underway.

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