Bubble Blog: Timeline

The new chairs for the Grand Summit Express started to arrive today! It is up to our lift mechanics to put them together and get them on the lift in time for the 4th of July weekend. Our fingers are crossed. See photos – very exciting.

mount snow bubble chair blog

mount snow bubble chair blog

We continue to do a lot of earthwork for the bottom terminal and storage barn of the new 6-pack. We are removing the old terminals (top and bottom) and the crane moves to the summit to remove the old drive room from its pedestal on June 8.

There has been a lot of interest surrounding the dates that the new lift will be installed. It is hard to nail down firm dates as many parts and pieces are being shipped from all over the world to little ole’ VT. Just a few days ago the haul rope was ordered but won’t arrive until October! Here is a very TENTATIVE timeline for all of you lift-geeks.

· Storage Barn Kit arrives, July 22 (yup – just like Legos it comes all numbered and ready to assemble)
· Start foundation work for new lift end of June
· Marketing to name this lift by Aug 1
· Set towers – TBA – sometime in Sept
· Chairs arrive around Sept 25
· Haul rope install and splice done by Oct 24
· Load test by Nov 9
· 3 ft of fresh powder by Nov 15
· Grand opening Nov 19???

Obviously, there are a few minor details missing, like when we will assemble our barn and when we will fly the towers. Stay tuned, we will continue to share the details with you and before you know it you’ll be pulling out your winter sweaters and taking your first ride on our 6-pack bubble chair.

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