Bubble Blog: Updated Timeline

The word for the week is PROGRESS!

I’ll start in the base area and work you up to the summit.

In the base, the foundation work is moving along. In the picture above, you can see the storage barn walls and back retaining wall take shape. The barn walls should be done next week. Poma is also planning to finish up all of their base area foundation work this week with the completion of the lift house foundation (see picture below) and the rest of the storage barn rail system footings. After the concrete work is complete in the base area we will back fill. In the picture below, of the lift house foundation, the load area will be at the top of that wall. Needless to say, unlike the Summit Triple, you will not need ski down to the load area, ever again!

The storage barn arrived and 1,350 pieces have been sorted and moved to the base. More pieces to the barn are on the way. Thanks to our crew from building maintenance and snowmaking (Mike Murphy, Training Center, even volunteered to help build the barn) four bents are complete – 8 more to go! We hope to have the crane on site to raise the bents the week of Aug 22nd.

The footings for the lift towers are being poured where the concrete truck can drive to. About ½ of the tower foundations will need the concrete to be flown in around Sept 6th. After the concrete has had time to cure the lift towers will take flight (around Sept 16). For those of you who want to watch, the base area will be a good vantage point and we will keep you posted here on exact dates and times.

Up at the summit, the “ski under” trail is really taking shape.

The foundation has been poured for the top terminal (405,000 lbs of concrete and steel) and the forms are leaving and heading north to another Vermont ski area – can you guess which one? Next Poma will pour the foundations for the top 3 lift towers. Keep checking back because things are changing by the hour – exciting times here are Mount Snow.

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