Bubble Blog: Very Exciting Week!

With the major roads to Mount Snow now open we’ve seen a flurry (or should I say, a blizzard) of activity around the resort with the arrival of a 45 ton crane to help raise the Bluebird Express bubble chair storage barn and the first deliveries of our beautiful new bubble chairs.  According to Dennis Bills, we are expecting to have all of the chairs and the hardware that goes along with them here by the end of the week.

The bubble chairs (or, ‘flying sofas’ as Scott, one of our lift mechanics calls them) were manufactured in Italy, carefully put into containers that fit six chairs each, hitched a ride on a very large boat across the Atlantic, were unloaded at port in New York City, placed on a tractor trailer truck and dropped off here at Mount Snow.  Those are some well-travelled chairs!  So far we’ve had eight trucks drop off their cargo so there’s 48 chairs here as of right now.  The other 54 chairs will be delivered between Wednesday and Friday along with the arms and hardware.

The aforementioned 45 ton crane is lifting what are called ‘trusses’, or the frame for the roof of the bubble chair storage barn, into place where crews can secure them to the existing frame.  The trusses are not small nor are they light by any means, so this process requires a combination of heavy lifting and precision placement.  Seeing the first few of these secured to the building really gives you an idea of how big the storage barn is going to be!

The staging area for the lift towers, cross bars and sheave trains is looking awesome!  Pretty neat to see all these individual parts laid out prior to assembly because it really gives you a good sense of the anatomy of a chair lift.

The timeline for steps in the installation process is pretty fluid depending on weather, progress, etc. so the only update we have as of today is we are expecting to fly in more than 170 yards of concrete by helicopter September 19 & 20.  It’s tough to say right now when we will fly the towers in but as progress continues we will be able to provide you more accurate dates so you can plan to come check it out.  The last update said October 5, but we could possibly see this happen before then.

Speaking of progress, we will be updating you guys more frequently as the project is really in high gear and all the pieces are coming together.  There are many things happening at once right now and it’s really cool to witness such a major undertaking so we plan to keep you as educated and up-to-date as possible moving forward.

Unloading our first bubble chairs

Flying the first truss

Chair rail storage system in the barn

Kelly and Scott check out our new "flying sofas"

Bubble chairs lined up and looking awesome!

Coming together nicely

Towers and sheave trains lined up and waiting to be flown in

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