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Bubble Blog: Blasting Thumbnail

Bubble Blog: Blasting

Jul 12, 2011 |

Everything is moving forward according to plan. As much as I would like to see towers being flown in, that is a bit down the road. For now, we are doing all of the important earth work to prepare for the foundations and towers. Video of the 3r

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Bubble Blog: New lift tower bases! Thumbnail

Bubble Blog: New lift tower bases!

Jun 29, 2011 |

The video pretty much speaks for itself. Very exciting times.

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Bubble Blog: New Chairs! Thumbnail

Bubble Blog: New Chairs!

Jun 17, 2011 |

The chair assembly for the Grand Summit Express is almost finished and we think you will like the improvements. Not only the footrests but the seat covers are pretty comfy! We are still on track for a 4th of July weekend opening for foot passengers

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Bubble Blog: Lift 17 Terminal Removal Thumbnail

Bubble Blog: Lift 17 Terminal Removal

Jun 9, 2011 |

Yesterday one of the last remnants from the Summit Local, Lift 17, was removed. An 80 ton crane was brought to the top of Mount Snow to lift off the top terminal. Some pictures of the process below.

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Bubble Blog: Timeline Thumbnail

Bubble Blog: Timeline

Jun 2, 2011 |

The new chairs for the Grand Summit Express started to arrive today! It is up to our lift mechanics to put them together and get them on the lift in time for the 4th of July weekend. Our fingers are crossed. See photos – very exciting.

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Bubble Blog: Quick Update Thumbnail

Bubble Blog: Quick Update

May 26, 2011 |

We have 2 lift projects in the works. Over at the Grand Summit Express, work is being done to prepare for the enclosure for the bottom terminal. After work is completed, it will look a lot like the Canyon Express. It will be nice to keep the

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Tower Removal Thumbnail

Tower Removal

Apr 8, 2011 |

The long awaited last of the spring chapters, Tower removal! Saturday March 26 - While the Mountain was busy, you likely would not have noticed the crews pre-cutting all the tower bases and removing the communications line (comm line). These tow

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Days 4 & 5 Thumbnail

Days 4 & 5

Mar 31, 2011 |

Much of our progress to remove the lift has been held up slightly for the last few days as we awaited the arrival of cable testing contractor.  The process is sort of a cable ultrasound and when completed the results gives us a state of health for t

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