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Day 2&3 Chair Removal

Mar 25, 2011 |

After our very successful day 1 removing chairs on the Summit Local we had an extra day on Tuesday to prepare. Most of the day we were preparing the space where the new storage bard will be placed. The Barn will be 65’ wide and 150’ long and ta

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Day 1: Chair Removal Thumbnail

Day 1: Chair Removal

Mar 23, 2011 |

Day 1 of Lift 17 removal went better than planned even as mother nature attempted to slow us down. I still cannot believe the math on the chair removal. We started setting up at 7:00 but really did not get the first chair off until 8:00. With 268

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Bubble Blog: Lift 17 Removal Thumbnail

Bubble Blog: Lift 17 Removal

Mar 16, 2011 |

We will be documenting the historic process of the new Bubble lift installation at Mount Snow. Blog posts will be on the front page of the website, but also directly accessible at http://mountsnow.com/bubble/ - important players in the planning and

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New 6-Pack Bubble Chair!

Mar 12, 2011 |

Mount Snow Makes Big Statement with New Lift WEST DOVER (March 5, 2011) – Mount Snow has announced that it has accepted a bid to replace the Summit Local triple chair lift with a new Leitner Poma high-speed detachable six-passenger bubble chair

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