First Timers

First Timer? Pretty soon, winter will be your favorite time of year.

Reservations are highly recommended for all learn to ski/ride programs. Making reservations is a snap! Call 800.889.4411 or click here. All you need to start is the dates you’d like to book and the birth date of whoever is participating in the program.

Welcome to the Mount Snow Ski and Snowboard School! We are glad you’re here, not only because we love to share our passion for skiing and snowboarding, but because we feel that we provide the best introduction to snowsports in the East. If you are interested in learning how to ski or snowboard, Mount Snow is the best place to do just that. Here’s why.

Programs for ages 3 and up – If you want your little one to have a positive and fun first experience on-snow, we can provide that for him or her starting at age 3. Or even if you are retired and have always wanted to give skiing or snowboarding a try, it is never too late to learn! The bottom line is, mastering the art of sliding on snow is easier than ever and our goal is to have you enjoying your turns in no time.

Cub Camp – Your 3 year olds first experience on skis!

Snow Camp – Our learn-to-ski program for 4-6 year olds

Burton Riglet Learn to Ride – Add a different dynamic to the lesson for your 3-6 year old in Burton’s specially designed terrain park for little riders. Group learn-to lessons available for 4-6 year olds; private lessons for 3 year olds

Mountain Camp – The most fun 7-14 year olds will have learning to ski

Mountain Riders – The most fun 7-14 year olds will have learning to snowboard

Learn to Ski/Ride – Single and multi-day options available for ages 15 and up

Private Lessons– One-on-one instruction for the most comprehensive learning experience

The Discovery Center – This modern facility is the dedicated home to The Mount Snow Ski and Snowboard School and is located at the base of Launch Pad, our dedicated learning terrain. The Discovery Center is where you check in, get your rental equipment and meet your instructor (with the exception of Cub Camp and Private Clinics). Adults check in on the main floor, kids programs check in on the first floor. Convenient, comprehensive and efficient.

Dedicated Learning Terrain – When learning to ski or ride, you want to be able to start on terrain you can handle and progress at your own pace with people that are on your same level. The Launch Pad learning area is set aside from the main part of the mountain and features mellow slopes serviced by easy to load/unload surface lifts progressing up to the Discovery Shuttle triple chair. Since everyone that is on this terrain is learning, you’re all in the same boat. Your confidence will soar as you get more comfortable sliding on snow.

Learn From the Best – Mount Snow Ski and Snowboard School has more than 400 professional instructors that have been trained with the latest teaching techniques aimed at getting you comfortable and on the snow faster.

The Latest Rental Equipment – Technology is an amazing thing, and the Mount Snow Ski and Snowboard School is equipped with the most technologically advanced skis and snowboards available. Designed to make turning, and learning easier.

First Timer FAQ’s

What should I wear?
Winters in Vermont are typically cold and snowy, but the weather can change awfully fast which is why we always recommend using the layer system. Ideally, your layers will start with a moisture wicking under layer that is not made out of cotton, a couple layers of insulating clothing and water resistant/proof outer layers. Eyewear (goggles are recommended), a warm hat (helmets are recommended and available for rental), gloves or mittens and one pair of long, non-cotton socks.

Where do I go?
The Discovery Center is where all lessons meet with the exception of Cub Camp (3 year old skiers) which meets at Child Care in the Clocktower Building and Private Lessons which meet at the Cape House in the Main Base Area.

When should I get there?
After you make your reservation, you will receive an email with your confirmation number, time and location for where you need to meet. It is recommended you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time of your lesson.

How many people will be in my lesson?
For group lessons we try to keep the student/instructor ratio low with no more than seven other people in your clinic.

What’s the equipment like?
Mount Snow has the most technologically advanced learning equipment on the market, designed to learning easier and more fun than ever.

Below is a rundown of our first timer options:

Adults (ages 15+) – First Time: Learn –to-Ski or Learn –to-Ride
Once you have met your pro and gotten your gear you will head outside to explore our “launch pad” area for new skiers and riders. This entire area, from the snow up has been designed and built with the learner in mind. Once you are familiar with your gear and get comfortable sliding on a flat surface we will take you to one of our three surface lifts (called Magic Carpets) that are an easy way to get up, and we coach you on how to slide down. Once you have gotten the hang of the surface lift, turning and stopping, we will bring you to a slow moving triple chair lift to introduce you to proper loading and unloading of aerial lifts and continue to work on your skills for getting around the mountain. From there our accomplished staff will bring you on a slider’s eye view tour of the base area, on skis or on a board, to familiarize you with where you can go to try things out on your own after the session is done. Upon completion of your 3-hour learn-to-ski or learn-to-ride session the hope is that you will have the ability to ride a lift, turn in both directions, control your speed and stop. Sometimes people may need more coaching to get to this point and that’s ok, we’ll be there to help.

Children ages 4-6 (Snow Camp)
Little tykes that have never skied before are welcomed to our resort with open arms. We have dedicated kid-sized indoor facilities as well as a separate fenced-off surface lift and learning areas for the first time kids to keep them safe and secure. With low student to teacher ratios and indoor and outdoor activities to fill the day, our kids’ 4-6 program keeps your children engaged and instills a lifelong love affair with winter.

Children’s Snowboard Ages 4-6 (Riglet by Burton)
Snowboard lessons built for the littlest groms. Co-produced by Burton Snowboards, Kids ages 4-6 are invited to try snowboarding in a customized, safe and secure learning park made just for them. After checking in at our children’s program registration area in the lower level of the Discovery Center, our littlest riders are transported to the Riglet-Room, where they are set up with specially designed Burton learning gear and then head outside to the Riglet Park. This one-of-a-kind park is designed with a spacecraft theme to match our Launch Pad Learning Area. The name of the game is fun as the little ones are guided through the Riglet Park by our coaches using the specialized Riglet Reel attached to each snowboard. This technology enhances their first experience with sliding sideways on a board and making a connection between fun, winter and snowboarding.

Children Ages 7-14 (Mountain Camp and Mountain Riders)
Are your kids too cool for school? Then sign them up for CAMP! Mountain Camp and Mountain Riders are our legendary programs for kids ages 7-14. Parents and kids alike rave about our half and full-day programs that include lunch and tons of fun. Once you register your kids in our check-in area in the lower level of the Discovery Center, you will be directed to a drop-off area outside where the groups meet and the fun really starts. Our specially trained staff will get the groups together and engage the kids right away. With groups for all abilities from first timers to all over the hill and even some park and pipe, this program delivers a great time for skiers and riders who want some top-notch coaching and the chance to make some friends. When you sign up your kids for this program, be prepared for them to want to come back.