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On July 21 & 22, Jamis will be at Mount Snow for Demo Days! Come check out the latest gear and demo an amazing Jamis bike!

The past few weekends have been a blast. Opening weekend we had a terrific turn out and some great weather to welcome in the summer mountain biking season. Everyone was all smiles and full of excitement to ride the trails. Many riders were pleasantly surprised when they saw the tweaks and changes made to the trails. The second weekend we had a lot of rain and a new section of trail 7 to open. Even with the light drizzle-to-down pouring rain we still had a handful of die hard riders. Sunday the skies opened up to sunny weather and great temps. The water had mostly dried up leaving wonderfully tacky trails to ride.

Mount Snow may have seen its fair share of rain the past weeks; however it takes much more than rain to stop an Excavator. Our Introductory trail 7 is making great progress down and around the mountain. Within a couple weeks, the trail will be finished and downhill riders of all abilities will be able to enjoy it. We’re not calling it a “beginner” trail, since it’s still downhill mountain biking, and requires some proficiency with a downhill bike, but it’s a perfect Introduction to Downhilling, so we’re going with that.

New berms being built on the Intro Trail

Check out the video at the bottom of the post to see us ride most of the new Intro trail!

Readers should also be aware that we have some great cross country riding trails along with our downhill riding. We have two advanced level cross country trails on the mountain as well as our 2.5 mile Introductory Downhill trail. Mount Snow also has an area of trails called the Crosstown Trail located a short pedal down Handle road. No lift pass is required, just a $10 trail ticket (available at Mount Snow Sports at the Grand). Riders can also use these trails to access the Mount Snow Golf Course and Dover Valley Trail.

We recently took a field trip out to the trails to remove downed trees and clean up a bit. Cross country riding is a great way to get some foundation skill of how to ride rocks and roots. After a few laps in Crosstown you’ll have the ability to think about where you are riding on the trail versus what gear you should be in or how your body should be positioned. With experience, using the bike becomes second nature and you are free to fly about the woods.

Loaded up and ready to roll

Seems these bridges weren’t built for 4 wheels


You’re always sure to make some new friends riding at Mount Snow

On a personal note I think that mountain biking is a wonderful sport for youth. There isn’t much that makes me happier than to see a family or just a couple kids riding our trails. We have several downhilling families at the mountain. It’s easy to see the excitement in their mud-splattered faces when they conquer the mountain. To me riding is like flying. When you were a kid, how many times did you wish you could fly?

Brandon Coulter

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