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Guest Blogger: Lauren Gullotti / Mount Snow Graphic Designer

I’ve been itching to to take up golf for several years now. It looked like a great way to have fun, enjoy the beautiful outdoors and exercise all at once. Sounds great right? As a beginner, the multitude of things to consider was a bit overwhelming: What’s the appropriate attire? What’s the proper etiquette? What clubs do I need? How should I go about learning? So – I went to the Pro Shop, picked out a hot pink outfit, rented a set of clubs and signed up for a 2-day lesson with The Original Golf School.

I was placed in a class with three awesome ladies, Ruth, Gail and Kerry – who were all first-timers like myself. We were taught by the Pro, Jay Morelli, and I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor. Jay is the founder of the Original Golf School and is amazing at working with beginners.

Jay Morelli - Original Golf School Founder

Jay Morelli – Original Golf School Founder

We began with some insight to the equipment we’d be using. In no time, we were on the green learning some putting techniques. On day 1, we went from putting to chipping, all the way up to the driving range. The sun was shining, all of my questions were answered and we had a blast!

Learning to chip. Rocking the hot pink outfit.

Learning to chip. Rocking the hot pink outfit.

On day 2 we hopped in our carts and played a few holes in a scramble format. I even got a few leading drives in, which totally made my day! To go from having no experience with the game – to playing a few holes in just 24 hours felt like a huge achievement. I owe it to Jay, who did such a great job of breaking down the key components of the game and making it both accessible and fun. The three priceless skills I learned at The Original Golf School were: the precise grip, the right stance and the correct swing. If you can master these three basics, then you’re in business. Believe me, it looks a lot easier on TV.

After having tried The Original Golf School, I can tell you with confidence that it is a GREAT way to learn the game. In fact, I’d go as far as saying that it is the ONLY place to begin. What you will learn is invaluable. Now of course, there are many intricacies within the game of golf, and that I’ll learn with time. But for now, I’m just going to have fun with it.

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