Original Golf School – Part 2

When I was asked to write a blog outlining my experience with my Original Golf School Dress Rehearsal, I thought at first that nobody would really care to read about how awful I am at golf. But then I realized there must be a load of golfers in the same situation as myself that could benefit from reading about how the program works and how it could benefit their game.

About me: I started playing golf about 3 years ago as a complete beginner. Being relatively athletic, I was able to piece together a little bit of a game – enough to enjoy playing – but realized that I could really benefit from some professional intervention. I rarely keep score, but if I had to guess, I’d say I play in the 110-115 range.

Day 1

As the group of about 12 people, with ages ranging from mid 20’s to mid 70’s, all sat down in the Golf classroom, none of us knew how it was all going to work. Jay Morelli, the founder and director of the Original Golf School (Founded in 1978), soon let us know that we’d be sorted into our groups based on our relative abilities. I was matched with Barry Reynolds, a pro who has a great reputation around the resort for helping good players get much better. I had a few people tell me that he’s the guy they go to, so I felt as though I was in good hands. I was with 3 other men who all played at about the same ability as myself, though somewhat better.

We started out day 1 at the driving range, warming up hitting a wedge, 7 iron and eventually hitting our drivers.

Straight off the bat, Barry noticed that I have a distinctive sway backwards in my backswing, which really limits my ability to power through the ball. I use too much arms and shoulder in my swing, something I have had a really hard time trying to correct. Baby steps!

We learned all about our pre-shot routine. Grip / Alignment / Posture / Ball Position.

original golf school mount snow

Our instructor Barry going through the pre-shot routine.

The rest of the morning we spent on the putting green where we learned how to read the green from behind the ball, pick a line and stick to it even when it seems ‘off’ when you’re standing over the ball.

After a lunch break, we spent some time learning to chip. I had never learned a chipping stroke, so had never developed any bad habits. This stroke (feet together, hands forward, choked up putting grip, weight forward, almost a putting stroke, hold the finish!) I picked up really quickly (for once) and feel like I will certainly shave a couple of strokes off my game with this.

original golf school mount snow

The guys learning to chip from off the edge of the green.

We ended Day 1 in the bunker. I rarely end up in the sand when I play (usually it’s the woods – am I right guys?) so this was relatively new to me. Learning to hit 2″ behind the ball to lift it out was tough to pick up, but eventually I was popping the ball out, which is all you can ask for.

original golf school mount snow

Barry showing us how to hit out of the sand.

Day 2 – OUCH.

I knew I was going to be sore, but wow. Having never hit that many golf balls in my life, I was hurting in places that I didn’t know existed. It took me a long time to warm up, and it didn’t help that it was cool and wet outside.

We started the day at the upper driving range to take some video of our swings. Of course I shanked EVERYTHING once the camera was rolling, but when we did our video review, it was great (and somewhat horrifying) to see our swings in slow motion. I have a lot to work on!

original golf school mount snow

Reviewing Henry’s swing on video. Golf School students get the video via email for reference and practice!

After lunch we went back out to review some putting, chipping and lobs. I was able to pick right back up with my chipping, which was a good sign.

The rest of the afternoon was spent on the course, where we practiced some different lies (uphill, downhill, ball below, ball above) which on our mountain course you certainly encounter a lot of. The entire group played pretty well, but most of us were spent (ok, maybe it was just me) so we called it a day after 5 holes or so.

My biggest takeaways from the Dress Rehearsal? Golf is not easy. But man is it fun! I am looking forward to getting out on the course to practice and try to develop my game even further.

I would *highly* recommend taking Original Golf School courses if you’re struggling with any aspect of your game. Not only will you leave with a list of great recommendations to improve your swing, but you’ll also score a sweet diploma!

original golf school mount snow

This was harder than college.

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