Plan Your Trip

At Mount Snow we know that one size does not fit all. That’s why we offer winter ski vacation packages and Vermont ski vacation packages of all shapes and sizes and will work with you to help plan the ultimate getaway. Your vacation time is precious. We want it to be perfect.

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Here’s a few tips for families coming up to ski/ride Mount Snow that will help you stay coordinated, and have a plan in case someone gets separated:

– Designate a specific meeting area in the event the family gets unintentionally separated.  We usually recommend inside the Clocktower Building near guest services because it tends to not be as crowded and there are folks there who can help facilitate communication, like paging someone over the resort intercom system.  Another place is the fireplace inside the Main Base Lodge.

– Look for the folks in the bright green jackets.  These are our friendly ambassadors who are ever present on the mountain as well as on foot throughout our base areas.  They are especially helpful if you get separated on the mountain and are unfamiliar with how to get back down to your designated meeting spot.  They will either point you in the right direction or lead you to where you need to go.

– Tools of communication: If your child is old enough to have a cell phone, make sure it’s fully charged at the start of the day.  It is always good to plug in important phone numbers for the resort like guest services and base first aid.  Other options include walkabout walkie talkies.  They are inexpensive, light weight and can be great tools to keep everyone in touch.

– Stay on a schedule: If your kids are old enough to go ski by themselves, set a specific time and place to meet for lunch and stick to it.
– Parents, lead the way: Often times when kids get lost it’s because they have a need for speed and blow right by their parents on the trail without them seeing, so when the parent stops on the side of the trail to regroup there is no on behind them.  That being said, it is always good practice to stop at least once during your run down the mountain to regroup.  It is good for your legs and keeps everyone together.  Always stop on side of the trail, where you are visible to uphill skiers.  Never stop in the middle of a trail or on the other side of a pitch where uphill skiers cannot see you.
– Familiarize yourself with the trail map beforehand if you’ve never been to Mount Snow.  Also, carry a trail map with you for quick reference.  They are compact in size and have contact info on them.

Here’s our Top Ten list of things you should do to make your Vermont vacation planning a snap:

1. What are the exact dates that you prefer to arrive/depart? (Think about alternate dates, particularly during holiday periods as we may be sold out or arrival night restrictions may apply.)
2. How many people are in your party?
3. What is the breakdown of the party? (Adults/children/ages/couples, singles, etc.)
4. What type of lodging facility do you prefer? A Vermont ski lodge? Condominium? Resort hotel?
5. Are there any particular amenities that you would like your property to have? (ie: hot tub, pool, sauna, game room, non-smoking room, pet-friendly, etc.) Please keep in mind that most lodging facilities do not have pet-friendly rooms and pets are not permitted on Mount Snow.
6. Are there any children in your party requiring Child Care, Snow Camp, Mountain Camp/Riders? If yes, you will need their birthdate.
7. Does anyone in your party require a ski or snowboard equipment rental?
8. Do any of the adults in your party require Lessons? If yes, what is their skiing/snowboarding ability?
9. Are there any other activities, other than skiing/snowboarding that you would like information about? (ie: snowmobiling, tubing.)
10. Make a list of specific questions you might have before you call Central Reservations. Plan to call when you are not rushed and can spend a few minutes speaking to one of our vacation planners.

An advance deposit or payment in full will no doubt be required to hold your reservation, especially for money-saving Vermont Ski Vacation Packages; have your credit card handy.