Trail Blog: We’ve Come So Far

Looking back over the three years I have been here it’s amazing to see how far we have come. I remember the first berms built by the bucket on trail 10 (old 13), adding numerous ladder bridges all over the trails, building the first dirt jump in years, and few trail workers that poured their hearts into it. Now we have an amazing three mile long introductory trail (trail 7 The Gateway), classic old race trails have been reborn, and our revamping of trail 9 is taking Mount Snow to all new heights. It isn’t uncommon at all anymore for riders to tell us how much the mountain has changed.

Our second and final race of the season was a mixture of old school Mount Snow gnar and some new school park air. Racers started on trail 5 down a high speed loose rock section into some new reroutes that enabled more speed and longer turns. Then racers turned into trail 9 for a brand new section of jumps, berms, and an enlarged step up. The course then turned towards the pats pitch section of trail 8. The new direction led the racers through a few new wooded sections and even a few feet of the famous “Roxy’s Rocks”. After the Pats Pitch section the course turned towards the legendary Yard Sale woods. This rock garden no matter what way you attack it is a steep hillside in the woods with jagged rocks, roots, and trees to get in your line. Once out of the woods riders had a long traverse back to the finish line, pouring out every last bit of energy that started with. We would like to thank all of the racers for coming to Mount Snow this season.

Taking a new bridge to trail 5 for the race course

New construction of trail 9 for the race

Buffing the run in to the step-up on trail 9, on the sides of the trail you can see the hay and seeding the trail crew does to keep the mountain looking nice

Chair lift view of the section of trail 9 during the race

Once again a big thanks to all of the racers this year

Lots of spectators in Yard Sale woods watching the white knuckled racers, including yours truly

Since the race we have continued our expansions on trail 9. We are taking a look at how the last trail rode and we are changing some sections to add flow, air, and fun. Utilizing the natural terrain the trail now has a few more jumps, drops, big bermed turns, and side hill hips. The trail also enters and exits more sections of woods allowing us to become more creative with our features since we don’t have to worry about a Snow Groomer plowing through it in a few months. As each weekend comes we are able to open up new sections of trail giving riders something fresh every visit. The rest of the trail will be a treat to see and ride.

Riding from right to left is a step down to a nearly vertical berm to a left hander hip

The boys playing in their sandbox

To the left you can see the old trail with the off camber right turn. To the right you can see the exit out of the woods going into a new bigger jump.

The old jump to the left and the new trail to the right

This weekend is the Brewers Festival at Mount Snow. What better way to enjoy the end of summer than with some bicycles and beers?

See you on the trails as always,
Brandon Coulter

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